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User guide

This guide is suitable for the T650p and Carbon Mobile 5 with printer devices.

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Getting started

Let’s get your new Carbon Mobile 5 (CM5) terminal up and running! A Quick Start Guide is included with your new terminal to help you get set up and ready to take payment. You can also read our Getting Started guide below.


Now that you’ve set your terminal up, it’s time to take a closer look at how to operate your new CM5 terminal.

Taking payment

Once your CM5 is set up, you can start taking payments right away! Connect Express, the Verifone Android payment app, makes taking payment and managing your transactions easy.


Connect Express gives you more options for processing and managing refunds. To process refunds you will need to set up a refund facility with your merchant bank and set-up cashier and manager passcodes on your CM5.

Settlement and reporting

Connect Express makes it easy to search for transactions and access transaction lists directly from your terminal. You can also manage access to settlement functions and reports on the terminal with passcodes.

Offline mode (EOV mode)

Offline Mode allows you to process transactions when your terminal can’t connect to the internet. Without an internet connection, your terminal can’t communicate with the payment network to process your transactions. Instead, transactions are securely stored on the terminal until connection to the internet is restored and the transactions can be processed. You won’t be able to perform a settlement while your CM5 is in Offline Mode


Verifone Navigator is a PIN entry solution for touch screen terminals that enables low-vision or blind cardholders to enter their PIN independently and securely. When Navigator is activated, the non-tactile touchscreen is transformed into a universal keypad with audio confirmation.


Find out how to manage your internet connection and change sound and display settings on your CM5.


Your terminal comes pre-loaded with a range of Android apps, including the Verifone payment app Connect Express. You can access most of your apps by selecting the App Launcher icon from the Quick Settings menu.

NOTE: Additional Android apps for your CM5 are not currently available.


Our Technical Helpdesk has prepared some tips to help you troubleshoot some of the minor technical issues we see from time to time on the CM5. If you need to speak to someone, our local Technical Helpdesk is available 24/7 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767, option 2).

Safety and handling

Grab our tips for setting up, cleaning and securing your terminal.

Help and support

If you need further help setting up or using your device get in touch with our friendly, efficient 24/7 Technical Helpdesk on 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767).

Learn more about our support services and how to contact us below.

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