Verifone Central Quick Reference Guide

A quick reference guide to Verifone Cloud documentation for Verifone Central.

Quick links

NOTE: Looking for information on Payment Tools? See our User Guides for Virtual Terminal andPay by Link.


Logging in for the first time
You will receive an email from ‘’ confirming your Verifone Cloud Services account has been set up. Follow the instructions to complete your account setup. Check your junk or spam folders if you do not receive the emails.

NOTE: If your link expires, click 'Forgot password' on the login screen to request a new link.

Learn more about getting started with Verifone Central at here Offsite Link

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Filtering and exporting transaction lists

Go to Commerce > Reporting > Transactions. Here you can customise and download your own transaction reports. View all transactions from all your eligible payment channels, including refunds. You can filter transactions by: 

  • Date
  • Organisation
  • Merchant ID
  • Transaction details including channel, transaction status, and more

NOTE: When filtering transactions by channel, Pay by Link transactions are ‘E-Commerce’ and Virtual

Select a transaction to see transaction details and perform actions including refunds.

Learn more about reports and transaction lists at Offsite Link

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Merchant roles and creating users

Learn more about the merchant roles on Verifone Central, and creating and deleting users at Offsite Link

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Learn about the functions on your Administration tab in Verifone Central on Offsite Link

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Help & support

Can't find what you're looking for? Check the Verifone Central FAQs on Verifone Cloud Offsite Link

For troubleshooting and support contact our eCommerce & Verifone Central Support team.

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