How to use surcharging

How to process a transaction with a surcharge added on your Android EFTPOS terminal

IMPORTANT: If you have surcharging enabled on your terminal the present card screen will display a note that says ‘Surcharge may apply’ for all of your Purchase transactions. Learn about your merchant obligations here.

  1. Enter the transaction amount
  2. Tap the "Purchase" button
  3. The purchase amount will be shown on the screen
  4. Customer presents their card or device
  5. Customer is prompted to confirm the surcharge amount
  6. Customer enters their PIN (if required)
  7. Your terminal will process the transaction and show either "Approved" or "Declined"
  8. A merchant receipt prints
  9. Customer can choose their preferred receipt option

Get surcharging enabled on your terminal! Sign up here, or talk to our Customer Services team on 0800 338 767, option 4.

NOTE: The Surcharge prompt can be disabled for contactless surcharging. Contact us on 0800 338 767, option 4 to disable the prompt for contactless surcharging.

 NOTE: If you have surcharging & MOTO enabled you can choose whether to apply a surcharge to your Manual/MOTO transactions or not using Surcharge Override. Learn more here.