How to Transfer Your EFTPOS Contract

Selling your business? Follow these steps to transfer your EFTPOS contract to the new owner.

  1. Organise Changeover with the New Owner - Ensure the new owner agrees to take over your EFTPOS payment services. Set a takeover date at least 2 weeks before the handover.
  2. Fill in our Business Change of Owner form
  3. We'll Contact the New Owner - Our team will contact the new owner to discuss their requirements, obtain their Merchant ID number (MID), and prepare the necessary paperwork. Once we have the new owner's completed paperwork and their merchant number, we're ready for the changeover.
  4. Book Time to Set Up the Terminal - We'll schedule a time for reconfiguration or installation of the terminal, accommodating both current and new owners.
  5. Transfer Complete! - We'll contact you to finalise closing your account and billing.

Need help? Contact our EFTPOS payment specialists here