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MOTO/Manual Transactions

Your customers don’t need to be in your store to pay you. You can process card-not-present ‘MOTO‘ (mail-order, phone-order) transactions on your terminal. Note, you will need a card-not-present facility provided by your bank.

NOTE: Card-not-present transactions do incur additional fees charged by your merchant acquiring bank. Recurring transactions are charged at a different rate. Contact your bank for more information



  1. Enter the transaction amount
  2. Tap Purchase
  3. Tap the hamburger menu  and then tap Manual Card Entry
  4. Tap Mail Order or Phone Order
  5. Enter the card number, tap Enter and then tap Confirm 
  6. Enter the card expiration date in the format MM/YY
  7. Your terminal processes the transaction and then displays Approved or Declined
  8. Merchant receipt prints
  9. If your terminal has email receipts available, you can email the customer their receipt.

NOTE: For your customer’s security, your terminal won’t display the full card number on screen while you type it in. You can also passcode-protect MOTO functionality. Learn more about passcode protection for MOTO/Manual transactions here.

VX 690, VX 680, VX 820 Duet & VX 520 Colour

  1. Select Menu
  2. Scroll down and select MOTO
  3. Select Mail Order, Telephone Order, or Recurring
  4. Type in the MOTO amount and press Enter
  5. Type in the credit card number and press Enter
  6. Type in the expiry date (MMYY) and press Enter
  7. Telephone Order only, type in the CVV and press Enter. If no CVV value is present press Enter and then select the reason for no CVV: 'No CVV on card', 'CVV not readable', or 'CVV bypassed'
  8. A merchant receipt will print after the transaction is processed


V240m & V210

  1. Select Purchase
  2. Enter Amount
  3. On the "Present Card screen" start typing the card number and the screen will automatically change to the manual entry field
  4. Enter Expiry date
  5. Select MOTO Type: Single or Recurring
  6. Select Account
  7. Terminal will print a receipt