User Guide: Virtual Terminal

Learn about Verifone Virtual Terminal, an easy way to accept card-not-present payments online. Follow our guide for setup, and processing transactions and refunds.

NOTE: To use Virtual Terminal, you will need a Verifone Central account with a Virtual Terminal facility. Learn more here.

What is Virtual Terminal?

Verifone Virtual Terminal allows you to take card-not-present transactions online, making it perfect for orders taken over the phone or via mail-order. Simply enter customer card details into the secure online payment form to process payments.

IMPORTANT: You must have a card-not-present facility set up with your bank and comply with PCI DSS obligations. Card details must be securely stored.

Creating a Secure Card Capture Key
Before accepting Virtual Terminal transactions, you need to generate a public key for Secure Card Capture. Log in to Verifone Central Offsite Link and go to Administration > Account Setup > Organisation Company and Sites, select your Parent Organisation (usually starting with 'Account'), and click Create a new public key under Secure Card Capture.

NOTE: You must be a merchant admin to generate public keys.

Processing a Virtual Terminal Transaction

To process a transaction:

  1. Login to Verifone Central Offsite Link
  2. Go to Commerce > Payment Tools > Virtual Terminal
  3. Fill out the Virtual Terminal payment settings form, including the payment amount.
  4. Click Continue to Payment and enter your customer's card details.
  5. Click Pay here to process the payment. After a successful transaction, you'll see a confirmation screen. To process another transaction, click New Transaction.

NOTE: The reference fields (Merchant Reference, Transaction Description and Promo Code) are optional, but quite handy for searching for transactions if you need to find them later.

Virtual Terminal Reporting & Refunds

  • Go to Commerce > Reporting > Transactions.
  • Filter the Transactions report to show just your Virtual Terminal transactions by adding the Channel filter and selecting Mail or Phone, or use the dropdown next to the search bar to search using your Merchant reference.
  • Click a transaction to view details or process a refund via the Actions tab.

NOTE: Full documentation is available on Verifone Cloud Offsite Link