Offer your customers the choice to add a tip to their purchase. Use the Shift Totals app on Android to track earned tips.


NOTE: To enable tipping on your terminal, call our Customer Service team on 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767, option 4). The below instructions are only applicable to transactions on the Verifone Network.

To process a transaction with a tip on an Android terminal:

  1. Enter transaction amount and tap Purchase
  2. If you have set up Operators in the Shift Totals app, the terminal will prompt you to select an Operator
  3. Terminal will prompt customer to choose a predefined amount, enter a custom tip, or opt not to add a tip
  4. Customer presents their card, enters PIN, and transaction is processed

To process a transaction with a tip on a VX 690, VX 680, VX 820, VX 520:

  1. Select Menu on the terminal and then Purchase
  2. Enter the purchase amount and press Enter
  3. You can select Yes to offer a tipping prompt to the customer or No to proceed directly to the card present screen
  4. If the Server ID feature is enabled, enter the ID of the server taking the transaction
  5. The cardholder can select Yes to add a tip to the total transaction or No to proceed to the card present screen
  6. The customer presents their card, selects the account, and enters their PIN