Passcode access

You can passcode-protect MOTO/Manual transactions, settlement and settlement reports.

Once your passcodes are set up, you can optionally passcode-protect some functions on your Android EFTPOS terminal:

MOTO & Manual Purchases and Refunds

You can enable a prompt for passcodes for MOTO/Manual transactions as an additional layer of security. The prompt will only be triggered if you process MOTO/Manual transactions by entering the payment amount and then selecting 'Other'. The prompt will not display if you select Manual Card Entry in the Hamburger menu on the Present Card screen.

We recommend removing the Manual Card Entry option from the Hamburger menu on the Present Card screen if you choose to passcode-protect MOTO/Manual transactions.

NOTE: Call 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767, option 2) to enable MOTO/Manual transaction passcode protection and configure Manual Card Entry via the Present Card hamburger menu.

Settlement and settlement reports

1. From the Payment Screen, tap the hamburger menu 

2. Tap Settings

3. Tap Security

4. Enter the manager passcode to continue

5. Tap the function you want to assign passcode access to

6. Select Manager to assign manager passcode access or Cashier to assign cashier passcode access  

NOTE: Passcodes are required to process refunds on your Android EFTPOS terminal. We recommend setting up your passcodes as soon as you get your terminal, so you're ready to process a refund. Call 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767, option 2) to set up your passcodes. By default, passcodes are not required for any of these functions.