Android Software Release July 2023: Full Release Notes

Read the full release notes for the Verifone Android software update rolled out from July 2023

New Features:

  • Multi merchant now supports different acquirers
  • Custom Launcher for Integrated terminals helps merchants access terminal functionality on integrated devices
  • See the highlights on our blog here


  • Transaction performance improvements to speed up the transaction flow
  • The surcharge prompt is now optional for contactless transactions
  • Apply or skip surcharging for MOTO transactions
  • MOTO/Manual transactions can now be passcode protected
  • Improved Bluetooth Full Feature Base pairing 
  • T650p Bluetooth Ethernet for POS integrated solutions
  • Improved load speed of Transaction History. Transaction history retention period now reduced to 90 days. You can still access 18 months worth of transaction history on Verifone Central.
  • Merchant, Merchant ID and Terminal ID added to Transaction List and Split Payment reports
  • RRN added to all receipts
  • Usability enhancements for the email entry keyboard for e-receipts
  • New Signature Required screen and improved signature required transaction flow
  • 'Keep card inserted' and 'Please remove card' more visible on screen
  • Navigator button size on Present Card screen increased

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue where Power Failure Reversal was triggered if the terminal was powered off on the Customer Receipt screen
  • Fixed issue where "Accessory Service Has Stopped" error popped up
  • Fixed issue where Transaction History does not store transaction when 1st attempt is cancelled and 2nd attempt is different transaction type
  • Fixed issue where . displayed instead of C button on Amount Entry screen
  • Fixed issue where Approved/Declined receipt was generated when POS is powered off at end of transaction


The development, release, and timing of any products, features, or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Eftpos New Zealand and is subject to change.