Manager and cashier refund limits

You can set different refund limits for managers and cashiers so higher-value refunds have to be approved by a manager.

Once your passcodes are set up you can cap the amount your employees can refund in a single transaction using refund limits.

NOTE: To set up your passcodes, call our Technical Helpdesk on 0800 338 767 and they will guide you through setting up a six-digit manager passcode and a four-digit cashier passcode.


Set different refund limits for manager passcodes and cashier passcodes to ensure that higher-value refunds are approved by a manager.

To change your manager and cashier limits:

  1. From the Payment screen, tap the hamburger menu
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Security
  4. Enter your manager passcode
  5. Tap the fields under MANAGER LIMIT and CASHIER LIMIT to enter the refund limit you want to set for each passcode

IMPORTANT: You can set different per-transaction limits for managers and cashiers however, a daily refund limit set by your Merchant Bank still applies.