How to replace a VX 690 battery

You can purchase spare batteries for the Verifone VX 690 terminal in our online shop. Follow these steps to replace your battery:


IMPORTANT: We do not recommend replacing your VX 690 battery yourself unless absolutely necessary. Any damage caused to the device as a result of changing the battery is your responsibility and you may be liable for replacement and repair fees. Contact our Technical Helpdesk for more information.


  1. Power off your terminal: Disconnect any charging cables or docked bases and hold down the red key to power it off.
  2. Remove the back cover: Turn the terminal over and pull down the two clips to remove the back cover.
  3. Take out the battery: Press the top of the white connector clip and gently slide the battery away from the terminal.
  4. Insert the spare battery: Align the white connector on the new battery with the socket, and slide it into place with the clip facing outward. Press the connector top to secure it.
  5. Replace the back cover and turn the terminal on by holding down the green key.

NOTE: Be gentle when removing the battery as it can be tricky. Using too much force may cause damage.