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Terminal printer troubleshooting

By July 17, 2019October 15th, 2019Help Articles, Troubleshooting

Is your terminal not printing receipts correctly or printing receipts with vertical black lines on them? Try these five troubleshooting tips before getting in touch with our technical helpdesk.

1. Change your paper roll

Try removing the paper roll and inserting a new one. It’s easy to accidentally put your new paper roll in the wrong way! The paper should be feeding from the underside of the roll with the shiny side facing the printer cutter. Check out our instructional video here.

2. Restart your terminal

Try turning your terminal off and then back on and then printing a logon receipt

3. Check you’re using the correct sized roll

There are different sized rolls to suit different terminals. Make sure you’re using the correct sized roll for your device:

  • VX 520 Colour and Two-piece: 57mm x 38mm (small rolls)
  • VX 820 DUET/: 57mm x 47mm (large rolls)
  • VX 690: 57mm x 38mm (small rolls)
  • VX 680: 57mm x 47mm (large rolls)

4. Clean the printer cover

  • Open the printer cover
  • Remove the paper roll
  • Locate the printer head (a green strip just below the cutter) and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth

5. Check the battery

If your terminal is on battery power, check the battery level of the terminal and recharge if required. If this is too low the EFTPOS terminal will stop printing to save power.

Still not working?

Please contact our 24/7 Technical Support team on 0800 338 767 option 2 to arrange either a visit from one of our Field Service Representatives or to get a replacement terminal sent to you.