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Tamper error

By July 2, 2019October 15th, 2019Help Articles, Troubleshooting

If your terminal displays any of the following error messages, you will need a terminal swap-out:

  • *Tamper*
  • Download Needed
  • Special Repairs
  • RAM Checksum Error

These errors indicate there is an issue with your EFTPOS terminal hardware or software that will require specialist repairs.

A ‘Tamper’ is the most common of the above errors and can occur if the terminal experiences a power cut, power surge, or gets knocked or dropped too hard, or if any liquid gets inside the terminal. This error can also occur if the terminal’s case is opened. The tamper error is a security feature designed to prevent hackers from accessing the inner parts of your terminal and to protect your terminal from unwanted modification, for example, the addition of card skimmers.

Please contact our 24/7 Technical Support to arrange a replacement or repairs.

If you work in an environment where there is a chance that liquid may be spilt on the terminal, we offer Terminal Plus terminal insurance to help with any potential repair costs.