Tamper and other error messages that require a terminal swap-out

If your EFTPOS terminal shows error messages like 'Tamper' or 'RAM Checksum Error', contact 24/7 Technical Support for a swap-out or repairs.

If your terminal displays any of these error messages:

  • Tamper
  • Download Needed
  • Special Repairs
  • RAM Checksum Error

It indicates that there is a hardware or software issue requiring specialist repairs.

'Tamper' is a common error that can result from power cuts, knocks, or liquid exposure. The tamper error is a security feature designed to prevent hackers from accessing the inner parts of your terminal and to protect your terminal from unwanted modification, for example, the addition of card skimmers. 

If you see any of these error messages on your terminal, contact our 24/7 Technical Support to arrange a replacement or repairs.