How to find your Terminal and Merchant ID numbers

By June 14, 2019 Your EFTPOS Facility

Occasionally your terminal provider, payment network, or bank might ask you for either your Terminal ID or Merchant ID. For example, you might need one or both of these ID numbers if you decide to accept certain credit cards on your terminal, or when calling your terminal provider, bank or payment network to help them identify your terminal or account.

What is a terminal ID?

Every EFTPOS terminal in New Zealand has an individual terminal ID. This helps your terminal provider, bank and payment network identify the terminal. Certain information like which network the terminal is connected to and what software version is currently loaded on the terminal is stored against the terminal ID.

What is a merchant ID?

Similarly, every merchant in New Zealand has an individual merchant ID. Your Merchant ID is loaded onto the terminal so that funds acquired from purchases made on the terminal settle into the correct merchant account.

How do I find these numbers?

Both your Terminal ID and Merchant ID it is printed on all of your transaction and settlement receipts. Depending on the type of terminal you have the Terminal ID will come up as ‘TSP’ or ‘Terminal’. Your merchant ID will come up as either ‘MID’ or ‘Merchant’.