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EFTPOS Security

By June 19, 2018October 15th, 2019Help Articles, Your EFTPOS Facility

Eftpos NZ strives to enable businesses to provide the highest level of payments security to their customers. Electronic payments security is built into every product and solution we provide. As a Verifone owned company, we benefit from the expertise and knowledge of a global thought leader in payments security. Verifone doesn’t just adopt security standards, Verifone helps create them.

What is PCI compliance?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) define industry best practices for both device developers and merchants for handling and protecting credit card details.

PCI compliance goes beyond your payment solution provider. If you accept credit card details from your customers, or use a third party service provider to do so, you are responsible for ensuring that your customer’s payment details are secure.

There are a set of 12 PCI requirements designed to secure and protect customers’ payment details. Most security breaches can be avoided if these requirements are followed. Want to know more? We’ve provided some handy links below and you can also contact the bank that provides your credit card facility for more information.

MasterCard – PCI Merchant Education Program

Visa – Account Information Security

PCI Security Standards Council

What should I do if my terminal is stolen?

To help protect your business, your customers and your reputation from credit and debit card fraud or misuse it is important you follow the steps below if your terminal is lost or stolen.

Step 1 – Notify us by calling our Customer Services Team, call us below as soon as you become aware that your terminal has been lost or stolen.

Step 2 – If you think your terminal has been stolen, call the Police and ensure that you obtain a Police Report.

Step 3 (optional) – Contact your insurance company to advise your terminal has been lost or stolen.

Once we have been notified of a lost or stolen terminal, we will:

  • Disable your existing terminal so it can not be used
  • Programme a new terminal specific to your requirements
  • Dispatch the terminal to one of our Field Service Representatives to install at your business

Keeping your terminal secure

Your terminal is equipped with a number of in-built security features which are designed to protect customer information. By following the recommendations below, you can help protect your business, customers and reputation from credit and debit card fraud, or misuse.

  • Always ensure that terminals are secure and under supervision during operating hours (including any spare or replacement eftpos terminals you have).
  • Ensure that only authorised employees have access to your eftpos terminals and they are fully trained on their use.
  • When closing your store or kiosk, always ensure that your eftpos terminals are securely locked away and not exposed to unauthorised access.
  • Never allow your eftpos terminals to be maintained, swapped or removed without advance notice from EFTPOS New Zealand.
  • Be wary of unannounced service visits.
  • Only allow authorised EFTPOS New Zealand personnel to maintain, swap or remove your terminals, and always ensure that security identification is provided.
  • Inspect your eftpos terminals on a regular basis – ensure that there are no additional cables running from your eftpos terminals and the casing has not been tampered with.
  • Check your eftpos terminals are located where they should be each morning and are printing the correct details on the receipt.
  • Record your terminal’s serial number and store in a secure location.
  • Make sure that any CCTV or other security cameras located near your eftpos terminals can not observe cardholders entering their PIN information.

Contact our Technical Support Team on 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767 option 2) immediately if:

  • Your terminal is missing (see our lost and stolen process);
  • You, or any member of your staff is approached to perform maintenance, swap or remove your eftpos terminal without prior notification from us and/or security identification is not provided;
  • Your eftpos terminal prints incorrect receipts or has incorrect details;
  • Your eftpos terminal is damaged or has been tampered with.