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How to replace a VX 690 battery

You can purchase spare batteries for the Verifone VX 690 terminal on our online shop here. Follow the below steps to replace your battery with a spare:

  1. Power off your terminal: Make sure the terminal is not connected to a charging cable or docked on a charging base. Hold down the red key to power the terminal off.
  2. Remove the back cover: Turn the terminal over and remove the back cover by pulling the two clips down.
  3. Remove the battery: Press the top of the white connector clip in, then gently pull the battery away from the terminal sliding the white connector out of its socket.
  4. Insert the spare battery: To insert a new battery line the white connector on the new battery up with the socket and then with the clip facing outward slide the battery into place. Press down on the top of the connector to make sure it is securely in place. Replace the back cover and turn the terminal back on by holding down the green key.

Note: The battery can be quite difficult to remove, but too much force can damage it so be sure to be gentle.