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Training your staff to use your terminal

By May 7, 2019October 15th, 2019Getting Started, Help Articles

We offer free installation and training to help you get started using your new EFTPOS terminal. As your business grows and you hire new staff you’ll need to make sure they know how to use your terminal too. That way they will be able to close a sale with confidence from the get-go!

It’s important to run refresher sessions with staff throughout the year on how to use your EFTPOS terminal and POS system properly. This can be a good opportunity to make sure staff are reminding customers about your email list, facebook page, or latest promotion too.

We asked one of our Field Service Reps to take us through the training he uses with new customers so you too can learn how to train like a pro! Download a printable version of our checklist so you can put it in your new-hire induction pack, or use it as a guide during training. Grab the guide here.

Make sure your staff know about this customer support portal too, so they can troubleshoot any issues that arise when you’re not available.