Transaction Error Messages - Troubleshooting Guide

Learn about common transaction error messages, their meanings, and how to resolve them to ensure smooth payment processing.

Format Error: Occurs in MOTO transactions when info is missing/incorrect. Verify card details with the customer. The customer may need to contact their bank to ensure their card allows MOTO transactions.

Do Not Honour / Contact Bank / Contact Issuer: Customer's bank declined the transaction. Advise them to contact their bank for details.

Incorrect PIN / PIN Tries Exceeded: Your customer has entered the wrong PIN number for their card or account. If they do this three times in a row their card may be locked and they will need to contact the card issuer to resolve this.

Power Failure Declined: If a terminal loses power during a transaction, this message appears on restart. A transaction reversal may occur to return any money that was debited from your customer's account. Contact us if you're unsure about the transaction's status.