Third-party payment methods

Learn about third-party payment methods, how to set up acceptance, and updating your merchant facility when changing payment networks.

Understanding third-party payment methods

The bank that provides your merchant facility can set up and manage Visa and Mastercard acceptance for you, but if you want to accept other cards like AMEX, Q card, Farmers Card or gift cards, you need to set up a facility directly with the payment method provider.

Updating Your Merchant Facility

If you change your payment network, or get a new Merchant ID (MID) from your bank you will need to inform your third-party payment providers.

Checking Accepted Cards

To confirm which cards you accept, call 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767, option 3) for Verifone network devices. If your terminal is connected to the Worldline network you will need to get in touch with Worldline.

Contact Details for Third-Party Card Providers

For specific third-party card providers, reach out to: