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Card-not-present MOTO transactions

You can process a payment without the card or cardholder present by manually entering card details into your terminal i.e. Card number, expiry date, CVV code. This means you can process payments over the phone or collect orders via a catalogue or order form. You can also set-up a regular, recurring MOTO payment for subscription-based services like memberships.

Note: Card-not-present transactions do incur additional fees charged by your merchant acquiring bank. Recurring transactions are charged at a different rate. Contact your acquiring bank for more information.

Verifone network

  1. Select Menu
  2. Scroll down and select MOTO
  3. Select Mail Order, Telephone Order, or Recurring
  4. Type in the MOTO amount and press Enter
  5. Type in the credit card number and press Enter
  6. Type in the expiry date (MMYY) and press Enter
  7. Telephone Order only, type in the CVV and press Enter. If no CVV value is present press Enter and then select the reason for no CVV: ‘No CVV on card’, ‘CVV not readable’, or ‘CVV bypassed’
  8. A merchant receipt will print after the transaction is processed

Paymark network

  1. Select Purchase
  2. Enter Amount
  3. On the “Present Card screen” start typing the card number and the screen will automatically change to the manual entry field
  4. Enter Expiry date
  5. Select MOTO Type: Single or Recurring
  6. Select Account
  7. Terminal will print a receipt

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