What does ICC Declined mean?

Learn what ICC Declined errors are, why they occur, and get troubleshooting steps

An ICC declined error code is a message, typically a number or a combination of letters and numbers, displayed on your EFTPOS machine when a transaction using a chip card is declined. These error codes provide insights into the specific reason behind the decline, helping you identify and resolve the issue.

Common ICC Declined Error Codes

An ICC Declined error can mean that the card does not allow the specific type of transaction you are trying to process, for example, an offline transaction or a purchase with cash transaction. 

Below are some other common ICC Declined Errors:

  • Do Not Honour
    This error code indicates that the credit card issuer has declined the transaction. It can occur due to various reasons, such as suspected fraud, insufficient funds, or if the card is reported stolen. In such cases, it is best to advise the customer to contact their card issuer for further assistance.
  • Invalid Card Number
    This error suggests that the card number entered during the transaction is incorrect or doesn't match the card's format.
  • Lost Card
    Indicates that the card being used has been reported as lost. In such cases, the card is typically blocked by the card issuer to prevent unauthorised use. Advise the customer to contact their card issuer.
  • Insufficient Funds
    This error suggests that there aren't enough funds available to cover the requested amount.
  • Exceeds Withdrawal Limit
    This error code indicates that the transaction amount exceeds the limit set by either the account holder or the card issuer. It is advisable to inform the customer to check their card limits and either request a temporary limit increase or consider an alternative payment method for the transaction.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

If you notice an error code, verify whether the card has expired, is damaged, or has been blocked. Look for any signs of damage on the card's chip or magnetic stripe. If a physical issue is suspected, request an alternative payment method from the customer. If the error code persists or the customer encounters difficulties, encourage them to contact their card issuer's customer service. The card issuer can provide specific details about the decline and assist in resolving the issue from the customer's end.

IMPORTANT: ICC Declined Errors can also occur when your EFTPOS terminal's chip card reader is not working properly. If you frequently see these errors try rebooting your terminal and checking there is nothing obstructing the chip card reader Do NOT insert any objects into the reader or apply cleaning products. If your terminal frequently displays this error message, contact our Technical Support team.