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Offline Mode Limits

| Communications Errors, Offline, VX 520, VX 520/820, VX 680, VX 690, VX 820Duet | No Comments
Offline Mode allows your EFTPOS terminal to store transactions if your EFTPOS terminal can’t connect to your payment network. When your network connection is restored your terminal uploads the transactions…

VX 690 User Guide

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Download user guide here.    

VX690 – How do I fix a Comms Error?

| Communications Errors, VX 690 | No Comments
If your EFTPOS terminal or receipt shows a Comms Error when you try a transaction, settlement, or logon it means that the terminal is unable to connect to the payment…

VX 690 – My touch screen isn’t responding

| Touch Screen, VX 690 | No Comments
If the touch screen on your EFTPOS terminal isn't registering your touch inputs you can try the following steps to fix it: Reboot the terminal Restart your EFTPOS terminal by…


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