Training your staff to use your terminal

We offer free installation and training to help you get started using your new EFTPOS terminal. As your business grows and you hire new staff you'll need to make sure they know how to use your terminal too.

TIP: Make sure your staff know about this Help Centre, so they can troubleshoot any issues that arise when you're not available.

It's important to run refresher sessions with staff throughout the year on how to use your EFTPOS terminal and POS system properly.

Here are a few key topics you should cover:

Your Android EFTPOS Training Checklist

  1. Switching your EFTPOS terminal on
    Once your charging base is set up, placing the terminal on it will power the terminal on. You can also turn the device on by pressing the power button on the side of the terminal.
  2. Putting through a purchase
    • Enter the transaction amount
    • Tap Purchase
    • Your customer presents their card or device and enters their PIN (if required)
    • Your terminal processes the transaction and then displays Approved or Declined
    • If a card is inserted, the terminal prompts to remove the card from the chip card slot
    • Customer selects their preferred receipt option
  3. How to change the paper roll
    • Open the paper roll cover
    • Remove the used paper roll
    • Insert a new roll so the paper feeds from the top, leaving a length of paper sticking out of the terminal
    • Close the printer door, pressing down gently until it clicks shut
  4. How to do a settlement enquiry for reconciliation
    • From the Payment screen, tap the hamburger menu hamburger-sml-gray-e1603152456677
    • Tap Reports
    • Tap Settlement Enquiry
    • Swipe up to scroll through the report on screen
  5. Offline Mode
    Offline Mode allows you to process transactions when your terminal can’t connect to the internet. The terminal will automatically enter Offline Mode if two transactions fail consecutively due to a connectivity error. You can only accept card-present Purchase transactions with debit, Visa, and Mastercard cards. You cannot process MOTO, Cash Out, Refund, Pre-Auth or contactless transactions while Offline.

    The following limits apply:
    Per Transaction Per Offline Session
    $300 maximum amount per offline transaction $5000 maximum amount per terminal
    Some chip cards override the limits set in the terminal e.g. no offline transactions, or only one offline transaction may be possible Up to 200 offline transactions can be stored for terminals on the Verifone Network (99 on Worldline)
  6. Troubleshooting
    If you are having issues with your terminal try turning it off and then back on.
    If you need help, contact Technical Support on 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767, option 2).