Compliance Upgrade Extension

Paymark has issued an extension for the compliance upgrade deadline

We're upgrading your EFTPOS terminal so you can continue to connect to the Worldline network

Did you receive a letter from Paymark saying that your EFTPOS terminal needs to be upgraded? We guarantee compliance for all of our terminal subscription customers for free. This means if you lease your terminal from us we will proactively upgrade your hardware or software to ensure it meets the latest requirements.

Upgrade Overview


What do I need to do?


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What is the Worldline EFTPOS upgrade?

Keeping payments safe for you and your customers

It’s important that the payments industry continually works to keep the payments process safe for cardholders and merchants. Every payment terminal or software version in the market enters into a life cycle. This ensures that the whole payments ecosystem is kept at the forefront of payments security by continuously upgrading software versions and devices to meet industry standards. The sunset date, also known as a disconnection date, is the last date that a particular hardware or software version is able to connect to and transact on the network. The PCI Security Standards Council and Payments New Zealand provide the mandated lifecycle dates for New Zealand.

Upgrading your Paymark terminal software

Eftpos NZ has a dedicated in-house, Paymark software development team. Their job is to develop software for your terminal to the latest specifications provided by the Paymark network. If your terminal needs an EFTPOS software upgrade to remain compliant, you will hear from us in the coming months with more details about how we are going to upgrade you. This upgrade will keep your terminal at the forefront of payment security and also includes new features and tools.

The latest security standards

In addition to the software update, all terminals connected to the Paymark network must meet the latest encryption standards. Encryption keeps your customer’s card data safe when it’s sent over the network. Updating these security standards reduces the risk of fraud – which is important for you, and your customers.

Never Upgrade Again

Connect to the Verifone network and you’ll never need to worry about a compliance upgrade again.


Quick Stats


Over 130,000 terminals needed an upgrade nationwide


Over 52,000 terminals needed a mandatory security upgrade


All terminals must be upgraded by October 2020

What do I need to do?

Wondering how to upgrade your terminal? Don't worry! Eftpos New Zealand customers are guaranteed free compliance upgrades for the length of your contract with us. Whether you need a software upgrade, mandatory security standards update, or both - we've got you covered! There are a few ways we can upgrade you, but for most terminals connected to the Paymark network, this upgrade is just a software update which can be done automatically, overnight without any interruption to your business. We will send you a letter detailing how you are going to be upgraded and if there is anything you need to do.

Auto Update

If your terminal just needs a software upgrade, we can update your terminal remotely if your terminal has the Auto Update feature enabled.



If you need both a software update and a security update we'll send you an upgraded terminal to swap-out for your existing terminal.


For trickier upgrades, we'll send one of our local Field Service Representatives round to your site to install new, upgraded terminals for you.


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Not an Eftpos NZ customer? We can send you an upgraded terminal ready-to-use by courier or installed by one of our reps.


Not an Eftpos NZ Customer?

Don’t worry! We can still upgrade you.


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