User Guide: Pay By Link

Learn about Verifone Pay by Link, the easiest way to take payments online. Follow our guide to creating payment links, and reporting on and refunding payment link transactions.


IMPORTANT: To use Pay by Link, you will need a Verifone Central account with an Online Payment facility. Learn more here.

NOTE: New to Pay By Link? Start here 👉 Get started with Pay By Link & Verifone Online Payments


1. Login to Verifone Central Offsite Link

2. Go to Commerce > Payment Tools > Pay by Link

2. Click Create Payment link

3. Select Amount to display just the purchase amount on your checkout page or Amount & Product to show both the purchase amount and product details

NOTE: If the Amount & Product option is selected, you will be prompted to enter a product description, quantity, and amount per unit. The total price will be calculated based on the information you enter. Use the Add Product button to add additional product lines. 

NOTE: You can add optional reference numbers to identify the transaction for reporting purposes. For example:

  • Merchant Reference: Customer name, customer trading name, order number.
  • Invoice Number: Include the Invoice Number if you've created an invoice for the transaction.
  • Sales Identifier: Customer account number, PO number
4. Select the Payment Method allowed for this particular transaction (Credit card). If you only have one available payment method, this field will pre-select. Otherwise, you can select multiple payment methods.
5. Enter your customer’s details (required for 3DS authentication)
6. Set the Link Expiration time and language for your checkout page, and apply a pre-made Checkout Theme to brand your checkout page
7. You can choose to automatically send the link directly via email or SMS, or both. You can also copy the payment link once created.
8. Click Create payment link to create your link 

NOTE: When your customer clicks the link, they’ll be taken to a unique checkout page to complete their purchase 

Payment Link Reporting & Refunds

You can check the status of your payment links and process refunds from your Payment Links list. Go to Commerce > Payment Tools > Pay by Link to see all of your payment links.

Click a transaction to view details and process refunds via the Actions tab.

NOTE: Full documentation is available on Verifone Cloud Offsite Link