PrestaShop: Set up the Verifone Hosted Cart on your PrestaShop store

Learn how to seamlessly integrate the Verifone payment solution with PrestaShop to accept eCommerce transactions

NOTE: To install and configure the Verifone Hosted Cart, you will need a Verifone Central account with an Online Payment facility. Contact us to set this up here.

There are three steps to setting up the Verifone Hosted Cart for your PrestaShop store: 

  1. Download and install the plugin
  2. Configure the plugin
  3. Generate a secure card capture key

Download and install the plugin:

  1. Download the Verifone payment module here Offsite Link 
  1. Log in to your PrestaShop admin panel and navigate to Modules > Module Manager.
    Integrate PrestaShop Plugin for Verifone
  2. On the Module Manager page, click on the Upload module and upload the Verifone payment module 

    Integrate PrestaShop Plugin for Verifone_2

    Click on Configure to add your information (you can find all the details in your Verifone Central account).

    Integrate PrestaShop Plugin for Verifone_3

    Configure your Verifone Central Credentials:

    Fill in details on the Account Settings, Display Settings, and Card Settings tabs to configure your plugin.


    Account settings

    account settings

    1. Login to Verifone Central here Offsite Link 
    2. Toggle Choose environment to Production.
      • Note: If the Test mode option is switched ON, you will need to use the information from your test account (user ID, API key, organization ID, PPC etc). For more details about Test mode and how you can use it, you can contact our support team.
    3. Verifone API Username and Password - This is the username and password used to log in to your Verifone Central account.
    4. User ID & API Key - To create an API key on Verifone Central:
      • Click your initials and then API Keys
      • Click Create API Key
      • Ensure you click Copy public key before closing the dialogue box! The API key can only be copied once.
      • Click on the API Key you created to find your API User ID.

        API Key
    5. Organisation ID:
      • Go to Administration > Account Setup > Organisation Company and Sites
      • Select your Organisation from the table and copy the Organisation ID from the General Information section.
        Organisation ID
      • NOTE: There might be several organisations available as part of your account hierarchy. The correct Organisation usually does not have Account or Site in the Name. You can check that you've copied the right Organisation ID by reviewing the Payment Provider Contracts available. Scroll down and make sure the Organisation ID you copy is connected to your Payment Provider Contract for eCommerce.

    6. Verifone Account Region: New Zealand
    7. Click Save Changes

    Display settings

    This area allows you to configure the look and feel of your payment page.

    display settings

    1. Checkout type: Choose whether the Verifone checkout is displayed as a standalone page where your customers are redirected to perform the payment or as an iFrame (embedded onto your website page). 
      • Hosted Payment Page (HPP) means the shopper is redirected to a payment page hosted by Verifone to make the payment. Upon completion of the payment process, the shopper is redirected back to your website page.
      • iFRAME allows you to display a payment form component as part of your own website, without having to redirect the shopper to a new web page. The form is still securely hosted by Verifone, so there is no additional PCI scope required for you with this solution.
    2. Title: This controls the title of the payment method which the shopper sees during checkout.
    3. Description: This controls the description which the shopper sees during checkout.
    4. Theme ID: You can customise the look and feel of your Checkout. First, you need to create a custom theme for your payment page, by using the Checkout Theme tool Offsite Link on Verifone Central. Once the custom theme is created, you can copy the Theme ID and paste it into the Display Settings. 

    general information

    Card settings

    card settings

    1. Toggle the Card payments option to Enabled
    2. Enter your Payment provider contract ID
      • The Payment provider contract ID can be found in Verifone Central. Go to Administration > Account Setup > Payment (Provider) Contracts
      • Click the Payment Provider Contract with 'ECOMMERCE' in the Name field
      • Copy the Payment Provider Contract ID
    3. Toggle the Enable card 3DS option to Enabled and enter your 3DS Contract ID.
      • The 3DS Contract ID can be found in your Verifone Central account. Go to Administration > Advanced Settings> 3DS Contracts
    4. Click Save changes

    Generate a Secure Card Capture Key

    To start accepting eCommerce transactions, you must generate a Secure Card Capture Key on Verifone Central

    1. Log in to Verifone Central Offsite Link

    2. Go to Administration >Account Set up > Organisation Company and Sites, and select your Parent Organisation that starts with 'Account'

    3. Scroll down to Secure Card Capture

    4. Click Create new public key

    Full documentation and troubleshooting guides are available on Verifone Cloud Offsite Link