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Payment Networks

Your payment network works behind the scenes whenever you process a payment on your EFTPOS terminal to shift funds from your customer’s account to your acquiring bank.

There are two Payment Networks to choose from in New Zealand: the Verifone Network and the Worldline Network. 

Difference Between Networks

Terminals connected to the Worldline network and the Verifone network have different software, leading to variations in the appearance of EFTPOS terminal screens. The functionality available for your terminal may differ depending on your network and merchant services bank. For example, there are slight differences between how Offline Mode/ Electronic Vouchers work on the Verifone Network compared to Worldline.

Advantages of connecting to the Verifone Network

We are proud to be the only EFTPOS provider in New Zealand with our own payment network, the Verifone Network. Our network is built with cutting-edge technology, ensuring fast, secure, and reliable transactions at a rate of over 600 per second.

Benefits of connecting to the Verifone Network

  • We work hard to keep our fees manageable for small businesses. Our network is the most affordable option in New Zealand.
  • One provider, one contract and one monthly payment for your device and network.
  • Don't worry about contacting the right provider! Get support on one easy-to-remember phone number for all EFTPOS-related support enquiries - 0800 EFTPOS.
  • Our active-active approach ensures 100% uptime. We maintain two geographically diverse data centres and your terminal will dynamically switch to an active data centre if an issue is detected.

Compliance and Security

Rest assured that our network is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. We utilise top-notch hardware-based security products to ensure end-to-end protection for each transaction you process.

We also guarantee your payment compliance for the duration of your contract. If any updates are needed to maintain compliance, we will provide an upgrade free of charge.

Switch to the Verifone Network today! Contact our sales team to get started.