Android Software Release Oct 2022: Full Release Notes

Read the full release notes for the Android software update rolled out from October 2022

New Features
  • Android Lock screen removed - terminal now goes straight to home screen on power up
  • Refund button in Transaction History removed as we work to enhance our matched refund capabilities
  • Email receipt disclaimer text updated
  • You can now send Settlement reports from the terminal via email
  • Improvements to the Advanced Search screens in your Transaction History to make them easier to use
  • The reference Icon now appears before the transaction amount entry
  • Merchant Reference added to Print Transaction History view
  • Declined Logon receipt improvements
  • MOTO option also available from the Present Card screen
  • Manual Refund moved to Present Card screen & removed from Refund menu (speeds up Refund for Card Present flow)
  • Purchase & Other buttons are not active after reboot/parameter update until the terminal is ready
  • Transaction performance improvements
  • New Split Payment transaction icon added to Transaction History
  • New Split Payment report added at end of transactions & in Transaction History
  • Visa logo updated to latest version
  • Batch ID (YYYYMMDD) added to Settlement report
Bug Fixes
  • Resolved some base issues which were causing T650P to freeze
  • Removed Shift Totals Select Operator prompt screen on MOTO transaction
  • Fixed various Shift Totals issues where transactions were added or not added correctly
  • Resolved issue where T650P does not make contactless tap beep sound when the volume is off
  • Resolved issue where setting up Passcodes during Refund transaction caused the transaction to cancel
  • Resolved issue on Advanced Search by Card which wasn't allowing Tap option

The development, release, and timing of any products, features, or functionality remains at the sole discretion of Eftpos New Zealand and is subject to change.