Charging tips and troubleshooting

Get tips and troubleshooting steps for charging your T650p, V240m or V210 EFTPOS device

How to charge your T650p

At 15% battery, you will receive an alert to charge your terminal. Receipt printing is disabled at 5%.

  1. Set up your charging base or cable as per the Quick Start Guide
  2. When charging your terminal using the Full Feature Base, make sure the terminal is placed securely on the base without any obstructions. This ensures that the charging pads on the terminal connect properly with the charging pins on the base.
  3. To verify that the terminal is charging, look for the charging icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen charging-gray-sml-e1603235423635-3

If your terminal is not charging when placed on the Full Feature Base:

  • Adjust the terminal on the base to ensure the charging pads on the terminal are connecting with the charging pins on the base
  • If your terminal is still not charging, try gently wiping over the charging contacts on the terminal and base with a dry cloth

IMPORTANT: Your device requires a minimum charge of 3% to power on. If your device is completely out of battery and does not power on, try charging the device for 15-20 minutes before attempting to power it on

NOTE: You can also charge your terminal by plugging a USB-C cable directly into the terminal. Make sure the USB-C cable is connected to a USB Wall Adapter for optimal charging. Charging your Android terminal via a laptop or other device takes significantly longer, as these sources may supply insufficient power

Power management

Android terminals

Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings > Battery to check battery life and manage power options:
  • Toggle battery percentage display in the Notification bar on/off
  • Enable adaptive brightness for optimal screen brightness
  • Adjust Sleep mode idle time
  • Enable Ambient display for screen wake on new notifications

V240m and V210

Battery will charge whenever terminal is connected to power supply. Charging icon will display at the top of the screen to confirm the terminal is charging.

IMPORTANT:  If the battery level falls to 0%, your terminal may not be able to charge. Contact our technical helpdesk on 0800 338 767 if you need assistance.