Verifone Carbon Mobile 5

User guide


This guide is suitable for the Carbon Mobile 5 device.

Looking for the user guide for the T650p or Carbon Mobile 5 with printer? Click here.

Getting started

Let’s get your new Carbon Mobile 5 terminal up and running! A Quick Start Guide is included with your new terminal to help you get set up and ready to take payment. You can also read our Getting Started guide below.

Get started with the Carbon Mobile 5

Find out how to locate the power button, contactless card reading area and the card insert and swipe slots on your terminal, and how to power your terminal on and connect to the internet.

Internet & Network Connection

Learn more about connecting your terminal to Wi-Fi, including mobile hotspots.

Charge your CM5

See how to charge your terminal and learn about power management on the terminal.

Lock and unlock your terminal

Find out how to wake the terminal, unlock it and adjust the delay before your terminal goes into sleep mode.


Learn about the icons on your terminal, how to navigate your terminal and how to use the Quick Settings panel to quickly toggle settings on your terminal on and off.

Enter text

Learn more about using the virtual keyboard on your Carbon Mobile 5.


Learn how to perform a manual logon

Change your passcodes

Learn how to change your manager and cashier passcodes.

Taking payment

Once your terminal is powered on and connected to the Internet, you can start taking payments right away! Learn more about the payment functions on your new terminal.


Learn how to process a purchase transaction on your Carbon Mobile 5.

Purchase + cash out

Learn how to process a purchase with cash out on your Carbon Mobile 5.

Cash out only

Learn how to process a cash out transaction on your Carbon Mobile 5.


Your customers don’t need to be in-store to make a purchase. Learn how to process a card-not-present ‘MOTO’ (mail-order, phone-order) transaction on your Carbon Mobile 5.


Tipping is a value-added payment solution that allows your customers to add a tip to their purchase. Learn how tipping works on your Carbon Mobile 5.

Credit card surcharging

Credit card surcharging is a value-added payment solution that allows you to recoup the cost of accepting credit cards by adding a surcharge to your normal prices. Learn how surcharging works on your Carbon Mobile 5.

Signature capture

Signatures are captured on screen on your Carbon Mobile 5. Learn more about signature capture.


Your terminal offers customers the option of receiving an EFTPOS receipt via email. Learn more about e-receipting.


Your Carbon Mobile 5 gives you more options for processing and managing refunds. To process refunds you will need to set up a refund facility with your merchant bank and set-up cashier and manager passcodes.

Process a quick refund

You can either match a refund to the original transaction or process a quick refund.  Learn how to process a quick refund on your Carbon Mobile 5.

Match a refund to a transaction

Need to process a refund without a receipt? No problem! Find and refund a particular transaction from the last 6 months in your Order History.

Process a MOTO refund

Your customers don’t need to come back to your store to get a refund. Learn how to process a card-not-present ‘MOTO’ (mail-order, phone-order) refund on your Carbon Mobile 5.

Manager and cashier refund limits

You can cap the amount your employees can refund in a single transaction using manager and cashier refund limits. Set different refund limits for managers and cashiers so higher value refund limits have to be approved by a manager.

Settlement and reporting

Your Carbon Mobile 5 makes it easy to search for transactions and access transaction lists directly from your terminal.


Your terminal will automatically settle at your selected settlement cutover time each day unless you perform a manual cutover prior. Learn how to perform a manual settlement cutover.

Transaction lists

You can see transaction lists of approved transactions processed on your Carbon Mobile from the last 6 months directly from your terminal.

Settlement enquiry

See how your current settlement is tracking using the Settlement Enquiry report. Here you can see a total transaction count and dollar amount of transactions completed during your current settlement period by card type.

Settlement history 

Check in on how much was settled into your merchant bank account on any of the past 14 days using your detailed daily settlement report in Settlement History.

Passcode access

Limit access to settings and settlement functions on your Carbon Mobile 5 with passcodes. This is also where you can change your passcodes.

Offline mode (EOV mode)

Offline Mode allows you to process transactions when your terminal can’t connect to the internet.

Offline Mode on the Carbon Mobile 5

Find out what Offline Mode is, how it works and learn more about transacting in Offline mode.

Limits and restrictions in Offline Mode

Limits do apply to the number and value of offline mode transactions you can process in a single Offline Mode session. Learn more about these limits and other restrictions applicable while your terminal is in Offline Mode.


The answers to frequently asked questions about Offline Mode.


Verifone Navigator is a PIN entry solution for touch screen terminals that enables low-vision or blind cardholders to enter their PIN independently and securely.

Navigator: Accessibility for Blind and Low Vision customers

Learn the difference between Accessibility mode and Assistance mode, how to activate Navigator during a transaction and how to process a transaction while Navigator is activated.

Accessibility Features On The Carbon Mobile 5

Apply accessibility settings including font magnification.


Find out how to change sound and display settings on your CM5.

Change settings

Learn how to turn auto-rotate mode on and off, makes changes to screen brightness and font and display size, the volume of some sounds and the time format.


Your terminal comes pre-loaded with a range of Android apps, including the Verifone payment app Connect Express.

NOTE: Additional Android apps for your CM5 are not currently available.

Android apps

Learn more about apps on your terminal including the payment app and Verifone Navigator, plus your terminal’s calculator, clock, camera and gallery apps.


Our Technical Helpdesk has prepared some tips to help you troubleshoot some of the minor technical issues we see from time to time.


Grab tips for troubleshooting connectivity or communications errors and more.

Safety and handling

Grab our tips for setting up, cleaning and securing your terminal.

Safety and handling guide

Learn how to safety set up and clean your terminal, plus how to keep your terminal secure and avoid tamper errors.

Help and support

If you need further help setting up or using your device get in touch with your payment solution provider.

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