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Accreditation Process for POS Developers

By December 1, 2021Uncategorized

Partner with the leading global payments provider and the largest manufacturer of EFTPOS terminals in the world. Offer your customers a POS connected payment solution with market-leading integrated and interfaced EFTPOS solutions.


Flexible – integrate with all Verifone devices connecting to both the Wordline and Verifone networks.
Easy development – get expert technical advice and documentation to aid in smooth POS payment integration.
Tools & resources – get Verifone terminals and access our test environments to aid in your POS development.
24/7 support – you and your customers are supported by our 24/7, Wellington-based technical helpdesk.

How to get accredited

Step 1: Get in touch – Fill in our POS Developer Enquiry form. A team member will contact you to learn more about your POS and discuss what is required to achieve accreditation for integration with Verifone EFTPOS terminals.

Step 2: Development – Develop your POS to be accreditation-ready using our specification documentation. In addition, we provide test terminals and cards for the test network.

Step 3: Get Accredited – Book your POS accreditation with the team to secure a place in our accreditation queue. Our POS team will test your solution to ensure it meets industry specifications.

Step 4: Pilot & Launch – If testing is successful, we will issue you with an ‘Accreditation Approval’, and you are free to proceed with piloting your solution with a customer of your choice.

Get started now! Fill in the POS Developer Enquiry form for more information.