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Tipping On Your Carbon Mobile 5

By February 23, 2021November 25th, 2021Uncategorized
Last updated: 23 February 2021

This article is about the Carbon Mobile 5 without a printer. Click here if your Carbon Mobile 5 has a printer.


Tipping allows your customers to add a tip to their purchase, even when they are paying by EFTPOS. To enable tipping on your Carbon Mobile 5, contact your payment solution provider.


To process a transaction with a tip added:

  1. Enter the transaction amount
  2. Tap Purchase
  3. The customer is prompted to select a tip amount. They can select a predefined amount, enter a custom amount or opt not to add a tip
  4. The total transaction amount is shown on-screen. Your customer presents their card or device and enters their PIN (if required)
  5. The graphic on-screen shows customers how to present their card:
  • Tap (Apple Pay, Google Pay, contactless cards) – The customer holds their contactless device or card near the centre of the screen
  • Insert (chip cards) – The customer inserts their chip card into the slot at the top of the terminal. The card should be inserted chip end first with the chip facing up
  • Swipe (magnetic stripe cards) – The customer swipes their card through the magstripe reader at the bottom of the terminal with the stripe facing down
  1. Your terminal processes the transaction and then displays Approved or Declined
  2. If a card is inserted, the terminal prompts to remove the card from the chip card slot
  3. Customer selects EMAIL to enter their email address and receive a receipt via email, or NO THANKS to continue back to the payment screen


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