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Match A Refund To A Transaction On Your Carbon Mobile 5

By February 23, 2021November 25th, 2021Uncategorized
Last updated: 23 February 2021

This article is about the Carbon Mobile 5 without a printer. Click here if your Carbon Mobile 5 has a printer.


Need to process a refund without a receipt? No problem! Find a particular transaction from the last 6 months in your Order History using:

    • the card used to make the transaction
    • exact or approximate amount
    • date range
    • …and more!

You can then refund the transaction directly from the transaction detail on your Order History.

To find the transaction in your order history:

  1. From the Payment screen, tap the hamburger menu 
  2. Tap Search Orders
  3. If your customer has the card they used to make the purchase:
    • tap the card icon . Your customer can then either swipe, insert or tap their card; or
    • enter the last 4 digits of the card number into the search field.

If you don’t have the card used for the original transaction, tap ADVANCED SEARCH to search using additional details including:

  • exact or approximate amount; and
  • date range.

If your customer has their EFTPOS transaction receipt you can enter any 4 or more digits from the TRAN number:

To refund the transaction:

  1. Tap on the transaction from the transaction list
  2. Tap REFUND
  3. Select FULL to refund the full amount or BY AMOUNT to enter a custom amount
  4. Select a refund reason, or select Other to manually enter a reason
  5. Your terminal will then take you through the refund process


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