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The Clock app includes Alarms, World Clock, a Timer and a Stopwatch. Tap the tabs across the top of the screen to access different features. Tap More options to view more Clock settings.


Use the Alarm tab to set one-time or recurring alarms. Tap the toggles on the Alarm panels to enable or disable an alarm. Tap an Alarm panel to change the time the alarm sounds. Reconfigure other settings or delete an alarm by tapping the expand icon on the alarm panel.

To add a new alarm:

  1. Tap the button at the bottom of the screen
  2. Set the time for the alarm on the clock-face pop-up box. Tap the keyboard icon at the bottom left of the box to manually type in time. Tap OK
  3. You can configure the following items:
  • Repeat: Tap this box to create a recurring alarm. Select or unselect the days of the week you want the alarm to sound
  • Sound: Tap the sound icon to set a sound for the alarm
  • Label: Set a name for the alarm

World clock

Check the time in multiple cities from around the world using the World Clock feature. From the Clock tab, tap the World Clock icon at the bottom of the screen .

Select the cities you want to display in your world clock list and then tap the back key .


Set one or more countdown timers from the Timer tab. Use the keypad to enter the hours, minutes and seconds you want to countdown from. Tap to start the timer.

Tap to temporarily stop the timer. Tap to resume. To stop the Timer, tap DELETE.


Time events using the Stopwatch. From the Stopwatch tab tap to start timing. Tap LAP to keep track of lap times. Tap to temporarily stop the timer and to resume timing. Tap RESET to stop timing.


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