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Carbon Mobile 5 Settings: Sounds

You can set the volume of sounds for screen touches, alerts during payment and alarms. Navigate to Settings > Sound to access volume control. You can also press the Volume up or down buttons on the side of the terminal and expand the volume panel that pops up to adjust all sounds.


Drag this slider to adjust the volume of screen touches and the contactless card present sound.


Drag this slider to adjust the volume of the alerts on the Present Card screen, the Approved and Declined alerts and Navigator.


Drag this slider to set the volume of your alarm sounds. Note that the default alarm sound is None. Tap Default alarm sound to set a sound for your alarms. You can also configure sounds in the Clock app.

Other sounds and vibrations

You can toggle screen touch sounds on and off under this menu.

NOTE: Screen-locking sounds and charging sounds are not available on the CM5.


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