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Settlement on Android EFTPOS

By October 20, 2020November 26th, 2021Android, Carbon Mobile 5 with Printer, Help Articles, T650p, User Guides

Last updated: 25 May 2021


Your terminal will automatically settle at your selected settlement cutover time each day unless you perform a manual cutover prior.

TIP: If your business operates outside of typical trading hours, you can arrange a customised settlement cutover time by calling our Technical Helpdesk on 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767, option 2).

To manually perform a settlement cutover:

  1. From the Payment screen, tap the hamburger menuĀ 
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Account
  4. Tap Settlement Cutover
  5. Tap Settle Now
  6. Settlement report will display on-screen. Swipe up to scroll through the report and tap ‘Print’ to print it
  7. Your terminal will start a new settlement period