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Process a quick refund on Android EFTPOS

By October 20, 2020November 26th, 2021Android, Carbon Mobile 5 with Printer, Help Articles, T650p, User Guides

Last updated: 25 May 2021


To process a refund without matching it to a transaction:

1. Enter the refund amount into the keypad on the Payment screen and tap Other
2. Tap Refund
3. Enter a passcode
4. Refund amount is displayed on the screen. If you have MOTO refunds enabled you will need to tap ‘Card or Mobile’
5. Customer presents card or device and enters their PIN (if required)
6. Your terminal processes the refund and then displays Approved or Declined. The terminal may prompt for signature.
7. If a card is inserted, the terminal prompts to remove the card from the chip card slot
8. Merchant receipt prints
9. Customer selects preferred receipt option