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Process a MOTO transaction on your Android Terminal

By October 20, 2020November 26th, 2021Android, Carbon Mobile 5 with Printer, Help Articles, T650p, User Guides

Last updated: 13 May 2021


Your customers don’t need to be in your store to pay you. You can process card-not-present ‘MOTO‘ (mail-order, phone-order) transactions on your Android terminal.

To process MOTO transactions, you will need a card-not-present facility with the bank that provides your merchant facility and your manager or cashier passcode.

To process a MOTO transaction on your terminal:

  1. Enter the transaction amount
  2. Tap Other
  3. Tap Manual Card Entry
  4. Tap Mail Order or Phone Order
  5. Enter the card number, tap Enter and then tap Confirm
    NOTE: For your customer’s security, your terminal won’t display the full card number on screen while you type it in
  6. Enter the card expiration date in the format MM/YY
  7. Your terminal processes the transaction and then displays Approved or Declined
  8. Merchant receipt prints
  9. If your terminal has email receipts available, you can email the customer their receipt.