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Process a MOTO Refund on Android EFTPOS

Last updated: 25 May 2021


To process a refund when the card is not present:

  1. Enter the refund amount into the keypad on the Payment screen and tap Other
  2. Tap Refund
  3. Enter a passcode.
  4. Refund amount is displayed on-screen. Tap ‘Other Payments’ > ‘Manual’
  5. Enter the customer’s card number. Tap Enter and then tap Confirm

NOTE: For your customer’s security, your terminal won’t display the whole card number on the screen

  1. Enter the card expiration date in the format MM/YY
  2. Your terminal processes the refund and then displays Approved or Declined. The terminal may prompt for signature.
  3. Merchant receipt prints
  4. If your terminal has email receipts available, you can email the customer their receipt.

NOTE: To process MOTO transactions, you will need to set up a card-not-present facility with your merchant bank. Learn more about MOTO transactions here.