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By October 15, 2019Help Articles, User Guides

Tipping allows you to offer your customer the opportunity to tip their server when paying with either a debit or credit card.

Verifone network

  1. Select Menu then select Purchase
  2. Type in the purchase amount and press Enter
  3. Select Yes to offer a tipping prompt to the customer or No to proceed to the card present screen
  4. If Server ID is enabled, then you will need to enter in the ID of the server taking the transaction. If not enabled, then proceed to the next step
  5. Cardholder can select Yes to add a tip to the total transaction or No to proceed to the card present screen
  6. Customer presents card, selects account, and enters their PIN
  7. A merchant receipt will print after the transaction is processed
  8. Terminal will offer the option of also printing a customer receipt

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