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How to refund an Alipay transaction

By October 15, 2019Help Articles, User Guides

Alipay refunds from the terminal are currently only available for some service providers. Check the merchant portal provided by your Alipay service provider for more information.

Verifone network

  1. Enter the transaction details into your terminal. Your customer selects the Alipay button to pay with Alipay. If your terminal is a VX 820 DUET or VX 680 they will press the Alipay button on your touch screen. If your terminal is a VX 690 your customer presses the green enter key.
  2. The terminal will display a QR code for your customer to scan.
  3. Your customer scans the QR code using their phone. The app converts the transaction amount into Yuan and the customer views and authorises the transaction in the Alipay app.
  4. When the transaction is confirmed the customer is notified via the app and you are notified via your terminal.

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