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How to print a transaction list from your terminal

By September 17, 2019October 15th, 2019Help Articles, User Guides

You can print a full day’s transaction list from any of the past 14 days right from your terminal. Check in on how much you’ve put through the terminal on a particular day, or get the details for a particular transaction quickly and easily.

Verifone network

  1. Select menu
  2. Scroll down and select Transaction list
  3. Select either Current Date or Other (Other will ask for a date in DDMM format)
  4. The terminal will show a count of transactions onscreen and display Print Yes / No
  5. If Yes is selected the terminal will print a transaction list and return to the idle screen. If No is selected it will return to the idle screen

Please note if you have a two-piece terminal, or if your terminal is running through a phone line, you won’t be able to use this feature.

Paymark network

If you are using a Paymark terminal, you will need to contact either your merchant bank or Paymark to get a transaction list.


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