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How to order paper rolls on your terminal

By September 12, 2019October 15th, 2019Help Articles, User Guides, Your EFTPOS Facility

The easiest way to order paper rolls is directly from your EFTPOS terminal. All you have to do is select ‘Stationery Order’ from your terminal’s main menu, follow the prompts and your paper rolls will be delivered right to your registered site address. Easy! The best part? When you order from your terminal you receive a 15% discount off the standard price.


How to order paper rolls:

  1. Select stationery order from the main menu
  2. Enter your merchant password. If you don’t know your merchant password, call our technical helpdesk on 0800 338 767 (option 2)
  3. Select the desired packet size. You can choose from 10, 20 or 50 paper rolls – we’ll send you the right size roll (small or large) depending on your terminal type
  4. Enter the number of packets required. You receive a 15% discount off the standard price when you order on your terminal:
    Small Paper Rolls
    Large Paper Rolls
    (Fits the VX 680, VX 520 Colour, and VX 690) (Fits the VX 820 DUET)
    10 pack….$10.50 $8.93 10 pack….$22.50 $19.13
    20 pack….$19.50 $16.58 20 pack….$42.50 $36.13
    50 pack….$49.50 $42.08 50 pack….$104.50 $88.83
  5. Terminal prints a receipt with your order details
  6. Your paper rolls are delivered right to the registered site address for your terminal. Depending on your location, shipping takes 2-5 business days. If you want to verify the shipping address we have for you is correct, you can contact our friendly customer services team on 0800 338 767 (option 4).
  7. You will receive an invoice for your paper roll order

The above pricing does not include shipping. The cost of shipping varies depending on the number of paper rolls ordered, and your shipping address location.

If you have a direct debit loaded for the site you made the paper roll order from, there’s nothing further you need to do. We’ll simply debit the cost of the rolls on the 20th of the following month. Otherwise, you can pay for your paper rolls using internet banking, or online with a credit card, when you receive your invoice with your order.

You can also still order paper rolls and terminal accessories from our online shop, or over the phone with our customer services team too (call 0800 EFTPOS, option 4).

Can’t see the ‘Stationery Order’ menu item in your terminal’s main menu? You may not have the latest version of the terminal software. It’s easy to upgrade! Simply call our customer service team on 0800 EFTPOS (option 4) and request an upgrade. We can upgrade your software remotely.