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How to turn your Terminal on and off

By July 30, 2019October 15th, 2019Help Articles, Troubleshooting

If you need to restart your terminal for troubleshooting, or perhaps to move it to a new location follow the below steps:

Mobile terminals

If you have a mobile terminal (VX 680 or VX 690) take the device off the charging base, or unplug the charging cable, and then hold down the red X key until the device shuts down. While you’re holding the red X key the terminal will continually beep until it shuts down.

Do not remove the battery to power the terminal off unless advised by us as this may damage your terminal.

To power a mobile terminal back on, hold down the green Enter key or place the terminal back on the charging base.

Countertop terminals

If you have a countertop terminal (VX 820 Duet or VX 520 Colour) you can either unplug and then re-plug the power cord from the base, or switch the power off at the wall. Wait five seconds then switch it back on (be sure you get the correct switch!).


When you turn your terminal on it will automatically configure itself and run through a ‘start-up test’ – this takes approximately 1 minute.