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How to pair your VX 690 to its Bluetooth base

By July 30, 2019October 15th, 2019Help Articles, Troubleshooting, User Guides

Your VX 690 EFTPOS terminal should arrive already paired with its base. However, there are some circumstances where you might need to pair your terminal to the base yourself.

For example, if you’re switching your terminal from WiFi or GPRS to an Ethernet or dial-up connection, you will need to pair the terminal back to the base.

Another common reason for needing to pair a VX 690 terminal back its base is if you upgrade your internet connection to fibre internet.

How do I tell if the terminal is not paired?

If your terminal is not paired to its base, the Bluetooth symbol  normally shown along the top of the screen in grey will be missing. If the base is turned off, or the terminal is too far from the base, the symbol will be displayed in red.

To pair the terminal to the base:

  • Place the terminal on the base unit
  • Open the terminal’s main menu
  • Scroll down and select Utility
  • Select Bluetooth Config
  • Select Pair to Base
  • Press the Bluetooth button on the front of the base, the blue light will start flashing
  • Select Pair to New Bluetooth Base
  • After searching, the serial number of the base will be displayed, and the terminal will ask you to confirm and pair. Select Yes to complete the process.

Once completed, a Bluetooth symbol will show along the top of the screen in grey. If the symbol is red, then the pairing was not successful.