Your monthly services charges

Your EFTPOS solution includes:

  • A merchant facility with an acquiring bank
  • An EFTPOS terminal from an EFTPOS provider
  • A network connection provided by a payment network
  • A communications method - either dial-up or Broadband

Your services charges from Eftpos New Zealand

Your monthly bill from Eftpos New Zealand will include your terminal rental costs and your network connection if you connect to the Verifone network. Additional costs included on your monthly invoice may include:
  • A dial fee if you connect via a dial-up connection
  • A sim fee if you have a terminal that connects via 3G
  • Fees for additional functionality, for example, surcharging
If you purchase items from our online shop such as paper rolls or terminal accessories, or request an out-of-hours technical support visit, you'll receive a one-off invoice due on the 20th of the following month.

Your service charges from other providers

If you connect to the Paymark network you will receive a monthly statement from Paymark. Your merchant bank will also charge you monthly fees, including a 'Merchant Service Fee' for processing credit cards and contactless transactions.