Finding Your Terminal and Merchant ID Numbers

Your Terminal ID or Merchant ID may be required to set up specific payment methods on your terminal or when communicating with your terminal provider, bank, or payment network to identify your account.


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What is a Terminal ID & Merchant ID?

In New Zealand, each Merchant and EFTPOS terminal is assigned an individual ID number known as a Merchant ID (MID) or Terminal ID (TID). Your Merchant Number, provided by your Merchant Bank, links your terminal to your settlement bank account. A Terminal ID is a unique number associated with each terminal.

These ID numbers store essential information, such as the network your terminal is connected to and the accepted cards. At times, you may need to share these ID numbers with payment providers to identify your terminal or merchant facility.

How do I find these numbers?

Verifone Network 

  • For terminals connected to the Verifone Network, your MID can be found next to 'MID' on your EFTPOS receipt. Your TID is located next to 'TSP' on your terminal receipts.

    VF network MID and TID
  • On your Android EFTPOS terminal, you can also tap the hamburger menu on the Payment screen and select 'About', or access a transaction history report to find these numbers:





Worldline Network           

Depending on your terminal model, if you are connected to the Worldline network, your Merchant ID (MID) and Terminal ID (TID) can be found on your receipt below the date and time:

WL network MID and TID

Alternatively, only the Terminal ID may be shown:




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