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Troubleshooting Offline Mode

By May 7, 2019October 15th, 2019Help Articles, Troubleshooting

If your terminal says OFFLINE in red on the screen, or is asking for a signature instead of a PIN number on transactions, it’s in Offline Mode.

This is a feature and is described in more detail in this post.

Offline Mode activates when your terminal experiences two communication errors in a row. The third transaction attempt will be Offline – it will ask for a signature instead of allowing the customer to enter their PIN.

You must accept this signature when prompted by the terminal if you wish to receive their payment in your settlement.

If you select YES, and retain the signed merchant receipt, the terminal will store this transaction to upload when the communications are restored.

To attempt to resolve the communications issues follow the below steps:

Turn it off and on again

We’re not kidding – this will probably fix most of issues with your EFTPOS terminal.

If you have a mobile terminal (VX 680 or VX 690) take it off the charging base and hold in the red X key until it shuts down. Hold in the green key until the screen turns on.

If you have a countertop terminal (VX 820 Duet or VX 520C) either unplug and re-plug the power cord from the base or just switch the power off at the wall. Wait five seconds then switch it back on (be sure you get the correct switch!)

Is your internet connection or phone line working?


If you have a cell phone or computer using the same internet connection try opening an app or doing a Google search. If this doesn’t work then your internet connection is probably down. Try rebooting your broadband modem/router or contact your Internet Service Provider for technical support.

Phone Line

Are the other phones on your premises working? Does your eftpos terminal share a telephone line with a phone? Pick up the phone and check for a normal dial tone. If your phone line is down you will need to contact your phone provider for assistance.

Check the cables


If your terminal is physically connected to your network by ethernet there should be an ethernet cable plugged into the ETH port on the base of the terminal. The other end of this cable will normally be connected to one of the LAN ports on your broadband modem (these are often coloured yellow and numbered). Make sure this cable is clicked into place securely at both ends.

Phone Line

If your terminal uses a phone line there will be a cable connected to the port with the phone symbol on your eftpos terminal. The other end should be plugged into a phone jack on the wall.
You could also try plugging a telephone into the eftpos phone jack on the wall to check if there is a dial tone on the line.

Screen Icons

Your terminal may have icons on the screen to tell you what communications type it is using and if it’s currently working or not.

The Ethernet OK ethernet icon looks like a network (three dots connected with lines), dial-up is a telephone, wi-fi is a fan, and GPRS /mobile is signal bars (like a cell phone).

When your terminal is working correctly the icon should be grey – if it’s red then something is wrong.