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Will my dial-up terminal work if I get Fibre installed?

Don’t worry! All of our current range of EFTPOS terminals work on either wired or wireless internet connections. If you are unsure how to connect your EFTPOS terminal to your internet modem or router, call our Technical Support team on 0800 EFTPOS (0800 338 767 Option 2) any time and one of our friendly tech support staff will help walk you through it.

Fibre Internet FAQS

Q. When will you be cutting off EFTPOS via dial-up?

A. We are not cutting off support for dial-up EFTPOS. However, Telecommunication companies and Internet Service Providers are moving away from copper wire infrastructure and moving to Fibre instead. EFTPOS terminals are designed to run their dial connections off of copper do not work on Fibre lines.

Q. If my copper line still works why should I change?

A. The terminal will operate on a telephone line but will perform much better on a broadband internet or 3G mobile connection. Also as mentioned before, when Fibre is installed, your copper wire lines will be disconnected by your telecoms provider or ISP.

Q. If there is an internet issue what kind of message on the EFTPOS machine will we get? i.e. will it be obvious that there is no network?

A. If there is no internet access the terminal will give you a communications error message when attempting a transaction. After the second failed transaction the terminal will ask if you would like to operate in offline mode, which means it will store transactions within the terminal until such a time as the connection comes back. Transactions MUST be accepted with signature. You are required to keep the signed receipts for a minimum of 12 months.